Mane was established in 1871 and since then has grown into a leading supplier of flavours, ingredients and fragrances across the globe. Mane believes in developing products that not only exceed their customers’ expectations, but also improve living and environmental conditions around the world. Mane’s actions as an organisation are focused on process and technology, in-depth knowledge of natural products and their ‘human touch’.

Mane strives to serve the food industry and consumers all throughout the world with the highest quality flavours and taste solutions, approaching flavour with a holistic vision, using nature as a model. The Mane flavours division supports leaders of the food and drink industry by providing cutting-edge solutions for use in beverages, dairy, confectionary products, baked goods, savoury items and more.

Mane ingredients capture the essence of nature, drawing its passion and dedication to deliver only the finest and most unique ingredients, capturing the true essence of nature in its products. By combining synthetic molecules and natural ingredients from around the world Mane provides the most comprehensive collection of qualitative, thrilling creations.